March 8, 2019

JCPA Celebrates 75th Anniversary

On February 10, JCPA marked its 75th anniversary with a gala, held during its 2019 National Conference, to celebrate the success of the community relations field and honor past chairs, executive directors, and founding organizations. Click below to watch our our anniversary video and read our story & timeline to learn more about how JCPA’s work has impacted our society!

JCPA Launches a Path Forward for the Community Relations Network

JCPA rolled out a strategic path for the future of the community relations during its Annual Conference in February.  These recommendations are based on a series of studies and analyses that together provide a roadmap for the organized Jewish community to meet today’s current and emerging challenges, such as the growing polarized political climate, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment. You can hear more about the reports in Jewish WeekJTAWashington Jewish Week, and JBS TV.

JCPA Adopts New 2019 Resolutions

At the JCPA2019 Resolutions Session, JCPA’s new Delegates Assembly voted to adopt four new resolutions, which are now policy for the community relations field. Please see below for links to the full text:

JCPA Urges Congress to Support H.R. 1, the For the People Act

JCPA sent a letter to House members ahead of a likely vote soon on H.R. 1, which would enact sweeping democracy reforms. The bill would help improve elections, advance voting rights, and reform campaign finance and ethics rules. Click here to read our letter.

JCPA Submits Statement for “Protections for Dreamers and TPS Recipients” Congressional Hearing

JCPA submitted a statement for the record for a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Protecting Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders. JCPA urges Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution that provides a pathway to citizenship for all 1.8 million+ Dreamers, 300,000+ TPS holders, and 4,000+ Deferred Enforced Departure recipients without harming other immigrant groups. Click here to read our statement.

March 15: National “Make Noise” for the Rohingya People Call-In Day

This month, Jews around the world will observe Purim, a holiday celebrating Queen Esther’s triumph over Haman’s genocidal threat. Like the Jews of Esther’s day, the Rohingya people of Burma (Myanmar) are being targeted for a modern-day genocide simply because of their religious and ethnic identity. Join the Jewish Rohingya Justice Network on March 15 for a national Jewish call-in day in support of legislation to aid the Rohingya people and sanction the military officials responsible. Organizations interested in participating should contact Tammy Gilden at

JCPA Opposes Health and Human Services (HHS) Department Waiver Allowing South Carolina Foster Agencies to Discriminate on the Basis of Religion

On January 23, HHS granted a waiver authorizing Miracle Hill Ministries, a government-funded South Carolina foster agency, to discriminate against prospective foster parents on the basis of religion. The waiver sanctions taxpayer-funded discrimination and harms foster children, one of society’s most vulnerable populations. This issue was brought to light when a Jewish woman was reportedly turned away due to her faith. JCPA partner Americans United for Separation of Church and State has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Catholic women who was also turned away by the foster agency. JCPA will continue to monitor this issue.


Criminal Justice Reform at JCPA2019

JCPA2019 featured a criminal justice reform track that included a plenary on Jewish advocacy, a two-part workshop on jumpstarting local engagement, and a documentary screening and discussion.