JCPA Publishes 2018 Candidate and Voter Engagement Guide

Civic engagement is the bread and butter work of the community relations field, and ensures Jewish representation and values remain an important feature of American public life. This guide offers resources, tools, and best practices to assist Jewish Community Relations Councils (JCRC) and Jewish advocates with organizing candidate engagement events, voter education, Get Out the Vote Campaigns, and voter protection efforts.

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Reflections from the U.S.-Mexico Border

Last week, JCPA’s Melanie Roth Gorelick and Tammy Gilden traveled to both San Diego and Tijuana to learn firsthand about our nation’s immigration crisis as part of a Jewish Leadership Border Mission, led by HIAS and ADL, where participants met with the Mexican Consul General, immigration lawyers and advocates, government officials; visited detention centers; and attended an Operation Streamline hearing. They both came away with a deeper understanding that the U.S. immigration system is profoundly broken and in dire need of reform. Click here to read their reflection.

Action Alert: Urge Congress to Support a Refugee Admissions Cap of a Least 75,000

In September, the President will determine the maximum number of refugees the U.S. will resettle in 2019. Despite the unprecedented refugee crisis—68 million people are currently displaced (1 in every 100 people globally)—the U.S. is resettling the fewest number of refugees in the history of the Refugee Resettlement Program. Click here to send a message urging your Members of Congress to support a refugee admissions ceiling of at least 75,000 refugees.

Action Alert: Urge Congress to Repeal Tax on Houses of Worship and Other Nonprofits

The recent tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, requires tax-exempt organizations to file federal tax returns and pay taxes on the cost of parking and transit subsidies provided to employees. This new tax law entangles the IRS and these nonprofits for the first time in our history. Urge your Members of Congress to pass the Lessening Impediments from Tax (LIFT) for Charities Act, which would repeal this unfair tax on nonprofits that help their employees with transportation costs.

August Sign-on Letters

  • Leadership Conference Comments on Proposed Information Collection on 2020 Census
  • Domestic Human Needs Letter to Farm Bill Conferees Opposing Cuts to SNAP
  • HIAS Letter to the President Urging an FY19 Refugee Admissions Cap of at Least 75,000
  • Justice Roundtable Reentry Working Group Letter to Farm Bill Conferees Opposing Lifetime Ban on SNAP for Formerly Incarcerated People
  • AARP Letter to Farm Bill Conferees Opposing Cuts to SNAP for Seniors


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