Action Alert: Medicaid is Still at Risk! Urge Senators to Vote NO on Graham-Cassidy

by Haya Luftig

Senators have unveiled another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act that would impose deep cuts to Medicaid, causing millions to lose their insurance while raising costs and lowering coverage. Known as the Graham-Cassidy Plan, this bill must be voted on by September 30th and only needs 51 votes to pass.

The Graham-Cassidy Plan would harm vulnerable Americans:

  • It would complicate access to services and allow states to weaken or eliminate protections for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Millions would lose coverage with significant increase in costs
  • Jewish social service agencies and others who care for our most vulnerable populations would not be able to cover needed services for our seniors and others

For decades, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) and the Jewish community relations field have sought to improve the American health care system and Medicaid in particular. Advancing this bill with less than two weeks for debate, without independent analysis or understanding of its consequences, is unacceptable.

TAKE ACTION! Contact your senators and tell them that forcing through a piece of legislation that would devastate access to health care is not the answer!


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