After the Deal: Preventing Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons

by confluence

Over the next few weeks, as Congress returns to Washington and debates the Iran nuclear agreement, it is important to remember that we all agree on one crucial objective: Iran can never possess nuclear weapons. We must not lose sight of that ultimate goal, and we are committed to working with Congress, both through the review period and beyond, to ensure that policies are in place to confront Iran’s dangerous ambitions.

 Preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons requires thinking through tough, complex issues. To facilitate this process, JCPA continues to provide educational opportunities through webinars, conference calls, analysis pieces, and community visits. Some of our member agencies have taken positions to either support or oppose the agreement. Others have determined that no consensus exists in their community, even as they have expressed concern about the provisions of the agreement. Regardless of their decision, JCPA’s goals are to support all of our members and to provide the context for thoughtful dialogue about these issues.

 The internal debate within the Jewish community has, at times, become inflammatory. It is critical that we transcend the political disagreements and harsh dialogue that fractures our community and erodes relationships with our allies and partners. We need to be pragmatic, productive, and fair, and we should offer actual solutions to real problems.

 Regardless of your personal position on the agreement, we hope that you can agree with us that the subjects we raise are of paramount importance.Both the process and the outcome of the Congressional review period are crucial, and a civil and fact-based debate is the key to the realization of our goal. Please join us in sending this letter to your Members of Congress asking them to consider these ideas that look beyond the parameters of the Agreement and help ensure that Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons  

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