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  With increasing frequency, Jewish individuals and organizations are being called upon to participate in boycotts and other economic measures intended to change the behavior of companies, institutions, media outlets and countries deemed to be hostile to Israel or other Jewish interests.  In many communities, the grassroots boycott efforts have been specifically directed at newspapers…

Social Justice in Israel

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  American Jews have a sense of profound pride in the State of Israel and its accomplishments since its establishment in 1948.  As Jews, we all share in Israel’s destiny and share responsibility for maintaining Israel’s survival and security as well as her democratic, spiritual, and moral character.   Israel’s Declaration of Independence promises a…


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Israel is facing an increasingly difficult and painful period, in which our Israeli brothers and sisters are bombarded daily with terror attacks, which have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children, and the wounding of thousands more.  We stand in solidarity with Israel and her people, in support of…

Health Care Coverage

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  • Posted on February 24, 2003

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According to the latest Census Bureau report, there were more than 41 million uninsured Americans in the year 2001, an increase of 1.4 million after two years of declining figures.  Eight out of 10 were in working families.  In most cases, the primary wage earner in the household either had a job that offered no…

Evangelical- Jewish Relations

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  Working in coalition with other groups/communities to achieve common purposes and establishing dialogues as a means of education and as a possible first step to cooperative efforts are core community relations’ strategies.  In a variety of settings and with diverse points of view, American Jews are today exploring how these strategies apply to Evangelical…

Public Health

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  In the last century, public health measures such as antibiotics, sanitation and vaccination helped wipe out many infectious diseases, adding 25 years to life expectancy in industrialized countries.  Despite modern advances in medicine, many diseases are increasing among our citizens. Today’s health challenges include an epidemic of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes,…


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  Consistent with past JCPA policies on the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the JCPA supports diplomatic efforts by the U.S., its allies and the United Nations to secure the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, with the use of force by the U.S. and its allies only as a last resort.


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The increased aggressiveness of certain missionary Christian groups around the country is a matter of growing concern for the Jewish community.  Utilizing misleading practices, some of these groups misrepresent themselves as Jews in an effort to enhance their proselytizing efforts. Jewish organizations and community centers have been frequent foci of these groups, as have college…

Mental Health Care

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  • Posted on June 10, 2002

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    The Jewish Council for Public Affairs has consistently supported comprehensive, accessible, affordable, quality health care coverage for individuals and families regardless of income.  This includes mental as well as physical health care, consistent with our understanding that Judaism concerns itself with the health of the mind and soul as well as the body. …

Reaffirming Commitment to the Social Justice Agenda

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  • Posted on February 24, 2002

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  The terrorist attacks of September 11th and subsequent events have generated an inevitable shift in national priorities and altered the legislative landscape in Congress. The nation has properly focused and must continue to focus on issues arising from the fight against terrorism, on defense and security, recovery and rebuilding. At the same time, we…