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Celebrating Doug Kahn

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Whereas the global history of the Jewish people is replete with case studies in community relations:  from Queen Esther’s intervention, which saved the Jewish people from extermination in Shushan, to Casar Kaskal, whose appeal to President Lincoln saved Jews from expulsion in Kentucky at the hands of General Ulysses S. Grant; Whereas the hallmarks of…

Wage Theft

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Wage theft comes in many forms—shaving minutes off the time clock, depriving workers of break time, withholding insurance contributions but not paying the insurance companies, using sham corporations to elude payment, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, misclassifying employees as salaried workers to avoid paying overtime, and retaliating against employees who complain about such conditions. Many…

Combating Climate Change

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In 2015, events of tremendous scope indicated an immediate need for climate action and emissions reductions, recognized across many faiths and many nations. Through the National Religious Partnership for the Environment we have long joined with Protestant, Evangelical, and Catholic brothers and sisters in faith in our strong stand to care for creation. Pope Francis…

New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking

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The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking was established in 2011 by the Community Relations Committee of Greater MetroWest NJ to help create a grassroots abolitionist movement in New Jersey to eradicate Human Trafficking. The Coalition is made up of approximately 100 diverse groups, including: faith-based organizations, ethnic and community organizations, non-profits, government agencies, law enforcement,…

Hours Against Hate

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  • Posted on May 12, 2016

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Exemplary/outstanding/innovative program Hours Against Hate urges people to pledge their time to people who live, pray, look and love differently than they do. It inspires activism and urges individual action with the goal of transcending the barriers between people. Our JCRC launched Hours Against Hate in June 2013 with an impressive list of excited partners,…

Israel Engagement Fellowship (IEF)

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Exemplary/outstanding/innovative program College students today are exposed to levels of anti-Israel hostility virtually without parallel in modern American history. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington have partnered to develop a course for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders on Israel advocacy called the “Israel Engagement Fellowship” (IEF)…

Jewish/Korean Teen Coalition

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Exemplary/outstanding/innovative program With the rapid growth of the Korean population in Northern New Jersey, the JCRC initiated a Jewish/Korean Dialogue two years ago, with the goals of promoting greater understanding, fostering mutual respect, and exploring commonalities between the two communities; and enhancing support from outside the Jewish community in efforts to build allies, to assist…

Support the Refugee Protection Act of 2016

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The Refugee Protection Act, soon to be introduced by Senator Leahy (VT),  has been introduced every Congress since 2010. It would make refugee and asylum case processing more timely and efficient, better assist torture-survivors and others with mental health issues resulting from the traumas refugees suffer, and continue support services beyond the initial resettlement period…

Reduce Poverty in Rhode Island

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Exemplary/outstanding/innovative program Seven years ago a movement was formed in Rhode Island based on a JCPA teleconference to cut poverty in half in ten years. The national program was called Reducing Poverty With Faith. The day of the teleconference call at the Jewish Alliance, over 50 faith leaders, from virtually every denomination was in attendance.…