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Support of Long Term Health Care for Holocaust Survivors

by Administrator

  • Posted on February 28, 2000

The JCPA and its member agencies support the pilot program initiated by Florida’s Insurance Commissioner and the South Florida Survivors Coalition to fund long term home health care for Holocaust survivors. The International Commission for Holocaust Era Insurance Claims has expressed its support for such a proposal in theory. The proposal embodies the principles that…

Managed Care Regulation

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  • Posted on October 26, 1998

While the transformation of healthcare in the U.S. from traditional fee-for-service practice to managed care has brought certain benefits, problems accompanying the rapid growth of managed care have also emerged. These include reports of limited access to medical professionals, restricted benefits, reduced services, and denial of coverage in some cases. Such reports have raised concerns…

Genetic Testing, Discrimination and the Jewish Community

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  • Posted on June 23, 1997

Recent advances in genetic science have created hopeful new medical possibilities and have also raised serious concerns. As researchers race to map the whole human genome and identify mutations which might be predictive of the onset of disease, genetic tests, utilized within a controlled research environment and now commercially available, may determine whether an individual…

Principles on National Health Care Coverage

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  • Posted on June 28, 1993

We call upon the federal government to take action to assure adequate and affordable accessible health care coverage for all individuals and families.   Universal Access   We seek a national health care plan that serves everyone living in the United States. Health care should not be employment dependent and should not exclude anyone with…