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Bosnia (Plenum 1995)

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For nearly three years the NJCRAC has been actively opposed to the blatant Serbian aggression in Bosnia. Since the brutal war began some 200,000 Bosnians have been killed, and over a million have been forced from their homes. For two years Serb forces have been bombarding Bosnian cities, including areas designated by the United Nations…


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  • Posted on February 7, 1995

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  The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council, meeting in plenary session in Washington, D.C., expresses the solidarity of the American Jewish community with the Jewish community in Argentina. Our brethren in Buenos Aires have been targeted for vicious terrorist attacks. The bomb that destroyed the seven story building housing the Delegation of Argentine Israelite…


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Increasing international terrorist activity has become a growing concern for Americans, and for the American Jewish community in particular, as Jewish communities in other countries have been targeted for attack and the terrorists responsible have links to extremist organizations in the Middle East. In the past year alone, we have witnessed terrorist attacks in Buenos…

Middle East Peace Process (Plenum 1995)

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The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC) reaffirms its strong support of the Israeli government’s peace initiatives and wishes it continued success in building upon the dramatic achievements of this past year. Principal among these achievements was the historic signing of a treaty and establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Jordan. The…

Middle East Peace Process (Executive Committee 1994)

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The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC) continues to strongly support the peace process and Prime Minister Rabin’s bold efforts to achieve security for the Israeli people and normalized relations with Israel’s neighbors. Since September 1993’s historic signing, much progress has ensued. We applaud Israel’s recent accomplishments in the peace process, particularly agreements with…


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  WHEREAS, while Israel and the PLO agreed to defer negotiations on the status of Jerusalem until the final phase of peace negotiations, this issue nevertheless has become a matter of intense public discussion;   WHEREAS, for nearly three thousand years, the Jewish people have been inextricably bound to Jerusalem;   WHEREAS, since King David…

Bosnia (Policy Conference 1994)

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For almost two years, the NJCRAC has actively opposed the systematic violence being committed by Serbian forces against the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. There have been several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council calling for an end to the strangulation of Sarajevo and other Moslem cities and enclaves. While a recent NATO ultimatum has produced…

Israel’s Missing-In-Action

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We are deeply concerned over the suffering of Israeli MlAs and the anguish of those families whose husbands, fathers and sons are still missing in action.   Israeli soldiers Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz have been missing since 1982. Israeli Air Force Captain Ron Arad was taken prisoner in Lebanon in October 1986.…

Situation in Bosnia-Heregovina

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The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council is appalled by the ruthless and systematic violence that continues to be perpetrated against Moslem and other citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina. As Jews we are deeply pained by the recurrence of such human tragedy in this century. The United States, as well as the UN and other governments, must…

Racial Violence in Germany

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For more than a month we have watched the malicious and violent attacks on non-German residents in Rostock and other German cities mainly in the states of the former East Germany. An atmosphere of economic and social difficulties, such as those in Germany, has the potential for nurturing xenophobic hatred and racism. We cannot ignore…