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Climate Change

by Haya Luftig

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our generation. As global temperatures increase, extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels will exacerbate conflict, the spread of disease, habitat destruction, and species extinction. We are already experiencing many of these harmful impacts.

Last year, representatives from 196 nations agreed to a historic climate accord, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which enables countries to set voluntary national targets for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement also includes a $10 billion Green Climate Fund—to which the United States pledged to contribute $3 billion—that will aid developing nations with climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

What is you view of global climate change? How will you ensure the United States makes good on its commitments, builds on the success of the United Nations agreement, upholds climate policies like the Clean Power Plan, which aims to lower the electricity sector’s carbon emissions? How do you think we can shift our economy to clean energy and promote renewable energy development?

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