The JCPA will be implementing its work through both on-going standing committees and shorter term Task Forces.  These bodies will be chaired by JCPA board members and will be a place for active involvement by JCPA leadership, National Agencies, JCRCs, and select experts in the field.  They will focus on four general areas: Policy and Program priorities, Leadership & Engagement, Governance, and Fiduciary responsibility. Please let us know which initiative(s) you would like to be involved with for the 2016-2017 program year. Descriptions can be found at the bottom of the form. Please contact Haya Luftig for more information at

Emerging Leadership Task Force
This Task Force will focus on engaging young and emerging leaders in the JCRCs and JCPA. It will oversee the Frank Family Leadership Institute to ensure it is a state of the art program and oversee effective integration of the Frank Fellows into the JCPA and their local  JCRCs. It will also create and provide other options for engagement for younger generations, including millennials.

Fundraising/Development (Standing Committee)
The Fundraising Committee is charged with developing and implementing a fundraising strategy that will result in a major increase in funding and capacity for the organization.  This Committee is new to the organization and was created to help ensure the JCPA’s future in a changing landscape of how national organizations will be funded by traditional Jewish community organizations.

Israel/Two State Solution Task Force
This Task Force will focus on leading/assisting the field on advocating for a nuanced approach to Israel. As there is more polarization at the local level, the JCPA will help the JCRC network provide open tables for differing opinions, while at the same time, serving as a strong advocate for Israel and support for the two-state solution. This year there will be a specific focus on the 50th Anniversary of the Six-day war, which has the potential to be used by anti-Israel players as a weapon to delegitimize Israel.

JCPA2017 Task Force
This Task Force is responsible for all elements of organizing, recruiting, fundraising, and promotion of the JCPA annual conference. It will work to ensure a smooth resolutions/Plenum process. It will also work with leaders who are asked to work on the conference award recipient and the Chernin awards process.

Muslim-Jewish Engagement Task Force
This Task Force will develop strategy for, among other things, Track 2 engagement with Muslim leaders from around the country. The Task Force’s focus will begin engaging leaders at the national level.

Public Policy Advisory Committee  (Standing Committee) 
This committee will provide overall guidance on policy, identify emerging issues, and formulate responses rapidly to current events at the Federal and State levels. It will oversee the JCPA’s policy team and aim to be a resource for the network to keep stakeholders updated and educated on current and emerging issues and action opportunities. It will make recommendations to the board for new Task Forces and areas of engagement. It will also oversee a Washington DC Task Force made up of the Washington JCRC lay leaders.

Race Relations (or Racial Equality) and Criminal Justice Reform Task Force
This Task Force will develop the JCPA’s education and advocacy strategy, and monitor its implementation on re-engaging the Jewish community into the new civil rights frontier with a focus on criminal justice reform at the Federal and state levels.  This work will include building and strengthening relationships with established and younger African American and Latino influentials, working on legislation and other important areas of involvement, and engaging and educating the Jewish community.

Strengthening Community Relations Task Force
This Task Force will lead advocacy efforts within the Federation system in support of the community relations field. Over the past 10 years, many JCRCs have seen a reduction in staff, resources, and internal support from their Federations. However, given the challenges we see in the American political system, tearing of the American social fabric, and growing anti-Israelism, community relations work has never been more important. This Task Force will work to advance understanding of this agenda within the Federation world.