Frank Fellows

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Eight emerging leaders hailing from San Francisco, CA; Indianapolis, IA; Atlanta, GA; Mount Laurel, NJ; Virginia Beach, VA; St. Louis, MO, and Pittsburgh, PA traveled to Poland to study Jewish history and Israel to join the JCPA leadership mission.  In Poland, the fellows visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi camps and explored Kraków’s Jewish history.  In Israel, the journey was packed with exciting meetings, for example with former President Simon Peres and with a group of Palestinian and Jewish settler peace-builders.  The travelers learned about all angles of the complex Palestinian-Israeli situation and Israeli politics.

The Frank Fellowship program was established four years ago by former JCPA board chair Lois Frank and Larry Frank of Atlanta to foster young leadership in the community relations arena.  The 2016 cohort of fellows will be selected in summer 2016. If you are interested in nominating someone, please stay tuned for calls for nominations, or contact Hanna Dershowitz at

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