Jewish Values in Action

by Haya Luftig

We are a nation of immigrants, yet our immigration system is broken. For centuries, people from all over the world have come to the United States seeking a better life, free from persecution and marginalization. They have brought with them rich and diverse cultures that have become our nation’s greatest strength.

However, an estimated 11 million people currently reside in the United States in a legal limbo that leaves them vulnerable to harassment and exploitation. Despite being statistically among the most law-abiding segments of society, undocumented immigrants have become the target of racist, nativist, and extremist rhetoric that blames them for our economic woes. To remain silent in the face of this hate is to be complicit in allowing our laws to be used as a tool for discrimination. Our immigration system should reflect the best of our national values: equality, fairness, due process under the law, and respect for human dignity.

What is your position on comprehensive immigration reform? What is your vision for helping undocumented immigrants find a pathway to citizenship? How can we best enhance our border security while considering family reunification, and civil and human rights protection?

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Haya Luftig