Israel’s Missing-In-Action (Executive Committee 1996)

by Administrator

The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (NJCRAC), on this tenth anniversary of the capture of Israel Air Force Captain Ron Arad, expresses its continued deep concern over the fate of Israeli MIAs and the anguish of those families whose husbands, fathers and sons are still missing in action.

Israeli soldiers Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz have been missing since 1982. Israel Air Force Captain Ron Arad was taken prisoner in Lebanon in October 1986. Their families have been living in pain and anxiety these many years, not knowing the status of their loved ones and the condition in -which they are being held.

We urge the American and Israeli governments to keep the issue of the Israeli MIAs on their diplomatic agendas mid urge the administrations of both countries to reinvigorate their efforts on this important humanitarian issue.

The NJCRAC reaffirms its pledge to support fully and actively efforts to increase public awareness of the MIAs, to obtain information regarding their fate, and to secure their safe return to their families.

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