Engaging the Jewish Community in Criminal Justice

JCPA’s educates and mobilizes the Jewish community to advocate to end mass incarceration. This modern day civil rights issue, inequitably impacts people of color. JCPA believes that the Jewish community be a significant voice in the movement to change this system. To this end JCPA undertakes the following:

  • Educates the Jewish Community at large
  • Advocates for Policy reform at the federal level
  • Mobilizes JCRC’s involvement at the state level

Project Highlights

EDUCATE: JCPA has featured Criminal Justice Reform at it’s national conferences and other partner agencies Conferences, raising awareness to hundreds and thousands of Jewish community members across the country.

Click Here to download In Your Backyard, JCPA’s Toolkit for addressing criminal justice at the local level.

Movements to End Incarceration

Criminal Justice Reform

On The Front Lines – Civil Rights in America

ADVOCATE: JCPA works at the local and national levels on policy reform.

At the national level JCPA has invested in more robust Federal legislative and policy advocacy through its active engagement in coalitions such as the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Justice Network, the Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition, and the Washington Interreligious Staff Coalition.

MOBILIZE: At the local Level, JCPA works with more than 30 JCRCs around the country with are joining local Coalitions and supporting people and families impacted by incarceration.

Getting Started

Recommended Reading

Collective reading and book clubs are an effective way to raise awareness about the criminal justice system and systemic racism, and the impact on our country and our communities, particularly communities of color.

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Additional Resources

T’ruah: Handbook for Jewish Communities Fighting Mass Incarceration

Repair the World, in partnership with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, OneTable and Gather: Turn the Tables on Racial Justice: Shabbat Dinner Host Guide

Bail Reform

JCPA is currently launching a Jews for Bail Reform campaign in five states.

If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact Roy Waterman at RWaterman@thejcpa.org

The Language of Engagement on Criminal Justice Reform

By Roy Waterman, Criminal Justice Project Manager

I am delighted to begin this new role as JCPA’s Project Manager on Criminal Justice Reform. I look forward to working with JCRCs, Federations and national organizations in developing their criminal justice work and engagement with people of color.

You may be aware of the many flaws in our current criminal justice system. Our quest to dismantle and recreate our criminal justice system begins with the language we use when we describe those who have broken the norms of society. Click here to read more.