JCPA: Catch Up on CRCasts You May Have Missed

by Haya Luftig

CRCast is a regular series tackling Jewish advocacy and community relations issues. Episode topics include:

  • Slashing $10 Billion in Jewish Social Services: What’s at Stake for Your Community?
  • What is the Alt-right (And What Should We Do About Them)?
  • Strategic Framework for Battling the Delegitimization of Israel
  • Lessons Learned 50 Years After the Six-Day War
  • The Socially Responsible Investing Movement’s Influence on Israel/BDS
  • Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant

From the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide to the new Administration to the challenges facing Israel, we provide insight into complex issues and practical solutions. Click here to watch.

About the Author

Haya Luftig