JCPA Condemns Terrorist Attack in Nice and Stands with France to Combat Hatred and Violence

by Haya Luftig

JCPA condemns the horrific terrorist attack against innocent civilians in the French Riveria resort of Nice, last night.  This is the third major strike in France in the past 18 months and one of a spate of attacks in the past several months.  It is especially despicable that as France was celebrating its independence day and venerable democratic tradition, 84 people were murdered at last count by a terrorist bent on undermining such freedom.  Our hearts go out to the families of those who have lost their loved ones.

“With an increase in terrorist attacks in France and around the world, we call on the international community to take decisive action against terrorists and increase the level of collaboration and vigilance of security forces in all countries vulnerable to such attacks,” stated Cheryl Fishbein, JCPA chair. “We cannot allow these bullies to take more innocent lives and instill fear in citizens around the world.”

French Ambassador to U.S. Gérard Araud tweeted: “France is attacked by islamist terrorism. France will face the threat. She will increase her military action against ISIL.”

“We stand with the people of France not just in mourning but in efforts to fight the terrorists,”  said David Bernstein, JCPA’s President and CEO.

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