JCPA Statement on Terror Attack in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem: This morning, on the joyous holiday of Purim, Jerusalem (which celebrates Purim on the 15th of Adar) was once again the scene of terror and violence. The JCPA condemns this attack and prays for an end to the violence that has long plagued the eternal city.
Susan Turnbull, Chair of the JCPA, was in Israel this week with her family. She described the horrific scene in an email to the JCPA: “We arrived before most of the police and saw the victims laying on the ground. Our car was about the third car on the scene after the intersection was closed by the first police car. I have never seen so many police cars in my life and so much quick action attending to the victims. I hope to never see anything like that again. As I reflect on this morning’s experience I will always be touched by the quick, substantial and efficient response and the tremendous resiliency of those who are the constant victims of terrorism. ”
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims from this morning attack and wishing them all a refuah shelema (full recovery).

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