JCRC Chairs Initiative

The JCPA Chairs Initiative aims to provide JCRC Chairs with the support and network needed to build a strong relationship between professionals, lay leaders and with JCPA, the national hub of the community relations field. The JCPA believes it is important to bring together JCRC Chairs and Directors from across the country for a virtual retreat to discuss, among other topics, the upcoming year’s community relations priorities and the major issues currently facing our community, to introduce JCPA staff and leadership, and to review JCPA programs and services.

The Retreat will be a three part video conference series.

Virtual Retreat: Setting the Agenda for Community Relations 2017-2018

Participants are strongly encouraged to join us for all three sessions. Please sign up for each session individually.

JCPA/JCRC 101: Current Priorities and Challenges in the Community Relations Field – the Unique Role of JCPA and the Local JCRCs Today
Learn about the top priorities and challenges of today, the work and services of JCPA, and meet the staff. Participate in a discussion of the unique role of JCRCs in the community, and the Jewish values that underlie our work. This session took place Tuesday, September 12, 12:00 – 2:00 pm EDT
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Background materials

JCPA/JCRC 102 – Setting the Agenda: Consensus Making an a Polarized Era
This session will cover decision making-models for JCRCs and best practices for setting the local and national community relations agenda. This session took place Tuesday, September 26, 12:00 – 2:00 pm EDT
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JCPA/JCRC 201: The JCRC Balancing Act on Local and National Policies
Briefing on JCPA’s public policy priorities and advocacy, learn how to participate in JCPA’s policy making process and plenum, and discuss coalition-building and government relations on the local level on both domestic and international concerns.
Tuesday, October 10, 12:00 – 2:00 pm EDT
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Help Us Set the Retreat Agenda
We want to know what information you would like us to cover in subsequent sessions and what would be valuable to discuss with your peers. Please contact Haya Luftig at Hluftig@thejcpa.org with your priorities.

Sign-Up for Zoom Video Conference: The Retreat will be held by Zoom video conference. The on-screen video capacity can hold up to 50 people although all attendees can participate by phone (first come first served for video participation.) We encourage Chairs and Directors to participate together in one location if possible. You must register for each session individually prior to the meeting. To connect by a mobile device download the Zoom App prior to the start of the conference. To connect by computer click on the link provided to with your registration. For more assistance contact Haya Luftig at Hluftig@thejcpa.org.