Election Programs: Organizing Candidate Forums, Leadership Meetings, and Issue Nights

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Organizing Candidate Forums, Leadership Meetings, and Issue Nights


The campaign season is the perfect time for JCRCs to engage with incumbents and candidates who may go on to be elected officials. While it is important to reach out to candidates for federal office, JCRCs should also actively engage state and local candidates, who play a central role in developing the policies that significantly impact our community. In addition, local elected officials often go on to seek higher office. Building strong relationships with these officials early in their careers can yield long-term benefits.

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501(c)(3) Election Programming Guidelines

Before you get started, make sure to carefully review the guidelines JCRCs must follow as part of their 501(c)(3) status. Remember to refer back throughout your programming to ensure you adhere to all the rules.


Partner with Jewish Press and Use Social Media

We recommend that JCRCs work with their local Jewish papers to publicize upcoming events and create a special section dedicated to voter education. Together, JCRCs and newspaper staff can prepare a candidate questionnaire covering five to seven topics. Both partners should then publish the responses in print and online, as well as through social media.

More and more people, especially younger generations, get their information primarily through social media, so it is critical to use online platforms as a component of your programming in order to reach your entire community and provide information on your priority issues.

Click here for suggested candidate questions.

JCPA Issue Backgrounders and Candidate Questions  

Criminal Justice
Climate Change
Gun Control
International Human Rights