Make JCPA2016 Yours and Participate in Our UNCONFERENCE

by jgilad

JCPA2016 will be groundbreaking in many ways, including holding our first-ever Unconference on Monday, May 16. What’s an Unconference? We’re glad you asked! Unconferences are events run by participants. Attendees set the agenda for what’s discussed, lead the sessions and workshops that fill the schedule, and create an environment of innovation and productive discussion. This means that you plan the Monday morning of the JCPA2016 Conference!

 At the Unconference, you’ll tell us what you’re interested in learning more about and then vote with your feet. You’ll discuss topics you’re most interested in, highlight innovation in the community, and identify best practices. The Unconference makes it possible to include everybody in constructing agendas and addressing issues that are important to them. Having co-created the agenda and feeling free to follow their passion, people will take responsibility very quickly for leading their own sessions or participating in whatever strikes their fancy.
Letting go of central control of the agenda and putting it in the hands of all the participants generates commitment, action, innovation, and follow-through. We can’t wait to see your creativity unleashed. 
 Discuss and debate the big ideas – political, social, and organizational – that will define our world and our work.  Build skills from governance to strategic planning, making OUR communities more effective.
JCPA meetings are an experience you will never forget. We are where networks are formed and friendships are made.

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