Prevent Harmful Cuts to Jewish Social Services

by Haya Luftig

Jews UNITE to Prevent Harmful Cuts to Health Care to Jewish Social Services and Millions of the Most Vulnerable

Sign the petition to show senators that the Jewish community opposes the American Health Care Act.  Signatures needed by June 24, 2017!

The Senate is fast-tracking a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Like the American Health Care Act (ACHA) that recently passed the House of Representatives by a narrow margin, reports indicate the developing Senate bill is likely to include devastating cuts and changes to Medicaid.

These changes would severely hinder Jewish social service agencies ability to provide needed services to seniors, low-income community members, people with disabilities, and women- the most vulnerable in our community. 

The Senate could vote before the July 4th recess, short circuiting discussion and debate. Healthcare should not be a partisan issue. Urge your Senators to do due diligence in ensuring that changes in policy do not hurt those in need.

Many Jewish organizations raise millions of dollars annually to provide needed services to the most vulnerable.

If the “American Health Care Act” (H.R. 1628) is enacted:

  • 23 million people would lose their health care coverage;
  • Thousands of health care workers, including Jewish workers, would lose their jobs;
  • Hundreds of Jewish social service agencies will be unable to provide services to tens of thousands of their clients and community members—Jewish and non-Jewish alike;
  • Seniors and those with pre-existing conditions will lose much needed coverage. Jewish seniors are the fastest growing population in the Jewish community, and many are dependent on the safety net this coverage provides for their health and well-being;
  • Those with disabilities will lose much needed support to live independently; and
  • Women will pay more based solely on their gender.

As the Talmud instructs, he who saves a single life is seen as having saved the whole world.

Act Now – Sign the Petition!

Rally your family and friends by circulating the petition to your emails lists and social media networks. Urge your family, friends and contacts to sign their names.


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