Sample Communications



Sample Postcard Reminder

Dear Friend,

Federal elections will be held XXX . At stake are numerous local, state, and federal elections. Issues of concern to American Jews will be decided in the coming years by those we elect. Please be sure to cast your ballot.

[IF YOUR JCRC OR FEDERATION IS PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION, ADD: If you need a ride to the polls, please contact our office at (PHONE NUMBER) to make

The polls will be open from [HOURS].

As a Jew and American, it is your civic responsibility to vote. Every vote can make a difference.

Thank you,



Sample Letter to College Students

Dear Student,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to urge you to register and vote in the upcoming election and to provide you with some information on voting procedures and options.

The right to vote is a new one for you. It is also, in the scheme of things, a new and unusual right for us as a people; doubly precious to us as American Jews since in other lands we have been disenfranchised and disempowered. For a variety of reasons, including a high level of education, civic pride, belief in democracy, and gratitude for the right of full participation in American national life, American Jews have exercised their right to vote enthusiastically and in percentages far greater than the national average. Yet in general, voter registration and turnout among those of college age is notoriously low. Being new to the habit of voting plays a role in this, as does the fact that college students tend not to be permanently rooted in the communities where they live. And of course, people of all ages fail to vote out of indifference or a vague belief that one vote does not make a difference.

But voting does make a difference. Politicians and the social policies they create decide life-and-death issues: Who goes hungry and who is fed? Who is homeless and who has shelter? Who guards our planet and subjects it to risk? Who makes war and who makes peace and who fights those wars? Elected officials will develop policies helpful or hurtful to Israel; they can be influential in abandoning endangered Jews around the globe or in saving them. Our elected officials shape policy that affects us and should affect our Jewish sensibility. Your vote shapes and affects government.

The process of registering and voting is fairly simple. Enclosed you will find a mail-in voter registration form. All you need to do is fill it out and mail it to the Board of Elections in the state in which you wish to vote. You may use your college or home address, but please note that registration rules vary from state to state.

If you are registered to vote using your home address, but will be out of town on Election Day, you will need to apply for an absentee ballot. An absentee ballot application is enclosed. Please fill it out and mail it today. The deadline for filing the application is [DATE]. The ballot you will receive in the mail is due on [DATE]. If you want to register and vote using your college address, we can help you find out where and how to register in that state.

Participating in the democratic process is a privilege and a responsibility we all share. Enclosed is a special blessing you can recite while casting your ballot.

Please be sure to register and vote.

With all good wishes,

JCRC Chairperson and JCRC Director