The creation of strong, individual Jewish identity and the capacity to speak out on issues of national concern to the Jewish community have never been more vital. JCPA2017 offers one of the most compelling vehicles for shaping and implementing change on the critical public issues defining our country and the world.

In February 2017, delegates from across the country will gather at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. for the annual Jewish Council for Public Affairs Conference, JCPA2017. JCPA2017 presents a unique opportunity to hear some of the most powerful voices in Judaism, politics, and academia address the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish community.

We invite you to become a sponsor. Your sponsorship will support the vital work of the JCPA, whose mission is to help the organized Jewish community repair our fractured world. The JCPA has over seventy years of advocating for equal opportunity and social justice, combating bigotry, protecting the environment, safeguarding personal freedoms, fostering support for Israel, and helping Jews and others who face dangerous circumstances in other lands.