The JCPA Condemns Slaughter of Students in Kenya

by Administrator

As Jews prepared for their Seders and Christians observed Good Friday, news came that the Somalia-based terror group al-Shabab murdered 147 Christians at a university in Kenya. Another 79 were wounded.  According to news reports, the Islamist militant group singled out Christian students at Garissa University.  According to one student, “if you were Christian, you were shot on the spot.” 

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs has been in communication with Christian leaders to express our condolences to the families of the victims, and our outrage at the massacre. 

JCPA President and CEO Rabbi Steve Gutow said “the world cannot sit by while innocent lives are extinguished in modern day killing fields. This must stop. It is too much to bear.”

JCPA Chair Susan Turnbull added “the story of Passover is one of liberation – and our prayer today is that those who live in fear of terror and violence may soon know freedom and peace. Very soon.”

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