The Non-Profit Sector

by Administrator

The nonprofit sector enriches America and the world through varied programs and charitable deeds.  A vibrant and independent charitable community is vital for a strong America. Periodically, legislation is introduced that would restrict the rights of nonprofit organizations to engage in certain activities such as issue education and advocacy  or engaging in nonpartisan election-related activities such as registering individuals to vote and holding properly constructed candidate forums.


The JCPA believes:

  • Further restrictions on the advocacy role of charitable nonprofits are unnecessary and would harm the important advocacy role that nonprofits play.  Existing restrictions under Section 501(c) of the IRS code allow for adequate oversight of tax exempt organizations ensuring that such activities do not extend beyond the “substantial amount” limit in current law;
  • Additional limitations on donor-advised funds, such as increased administrative or financial requirements, or a limitation on “board-size” or governance structure, are not necessary; and that,
  • The tax code should be modified to allow more Americans to benefit from incentives for charitable contributions including deductions for non-itemizers, to remove disincentives arising from the application of the alternative minimum tax, and to add provisions to allow an individual to make donations that are not subject to income tax directly from their individual retirement accounts to a charity.

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