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Election Engagement Timeline

Use this timeline to help guide your organization’s engagement in the upcoming election and top issues. In this guide, you can find suggested activities, program tips, and sample materials for all the items listed below.


☐ Plan a candidate forum. Extend invitations to all legally-qualified candidates as soon as possible.

☐ Plan “issue nights” to educate members in a non-partisan fashion about important policy issues.

☐ Contact local college students to remind them to register at their new address or obtain absentee ballots.


☐ Place an ad/article in synagogue, community, and organizational bulletins or newsletters reminding people to vote.

☐ Coordinate transportation to the polls.

☐ Plan a date to help your members who are homebound or in nursing homes complete their absentee ballots.

☐ Ask all local rabbis to give a sermon on the importance of civic participation and voting.

☐ Send out postcards and/or coordinate a phone drive reminding people to vote using community-wide Federation membership lists.


☐ Call community members, especially college students, on November 7th to remind them to vote.

☐ Organize youth movements and day schools to volunteer at local polling stations.


☐ Host a community-wide Election Night Watch Party, where community members can socialize and watch election night coverage and results.

☐ Invite speakers to discuss policy implications of the elections.

☐ Plan a “Meet-and-Greet” with newly elected officials.