JCPA Shares Faith Priorities for the Third Stimulus Bill — JCPA cosponsored a webinar on faith priorities in COVID-19 and sent letters to House and Senate leaders, as well as an action alert that generated thousands of messages to Members of Congress to share faith principles for the COVID-19 crisis response, created by the interfaith Domestic Human Needs Working Group, in which JCPA is an active member.

JCPA Advocacy Priorities in the Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Bills — In coordination with our interfaith and secular coalitions, JCPA is advocating with Congress safeguard voting rights and protections for those who are vulnerable during this public health crisis. Highlights of our advocacy requests for the third stimulus package include:

  • Poverty, Nutrition, and Health: Significantly increase funding and flexibility for food, housing, and other federal assistance programs, and expand and modernize Unemployment Insurance and paid sick and family leave.
  • Voting Rights: $2 billion for states to expand access to voting through Vote by Mail and early voting, online and same-day registration, and other voting and elections protections like a prohibition on polling location adjustments that disenfranchise voters.
  • Immigration: Allow immigrants and others with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) to access Medicaid and economic relief, and release as many immigrants as possible from detention.
  • Criminal Justice: Ensure those in federal prisons have basic necessities and release as many people from incarceration as possible through existing mechanisms, particularly elderly and medically-vulnerable people. For those who will be or already been released, lift bans on access to social services and housing.
  • Domestic Violence: Fund programs focused on the urgent needs of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and programs that serve them as violence surges during lockdowns.
  • Jewish Agencies and Nonprofits: Support the Jewish Federations of North America and Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies in advocating for nonprofits and social safety net programs.

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) Nonprofit Action Alert — JCPA is a member of the JFNA Committee on the Coronavirus, which is leading advocacy for emergency services, social safety net programs, non-profit, charitable deductions, support to caregivers, and support to the Federation system. JFNA mobilized the Jewish community to support the nonprofit sector in the stimulus bills.

Solidarity with Asian American Communities Around COVID-19 — JCPA is speaking out against hate and bigotry against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in America. JCPA wrote a solidarity letter in both English and Mandarin, signed by 87 national organizations and JCRCs across the country, which received significant national and media attention by Jewish and Chinese press. More than 50 Jewish and Asian American groups signed a second JCPA letter urging the President not to use the term “Chinese Virus,” which inflames stereotyping and physical violence against Asian Americans. When the President ceased using the term, JCPA and Asian groups pivoted to a new letter expressing appreciation for the change.


JCPA convened 300 Jewish professionals and civic lay leaders from February 8-11 in Washington, D.C., for the JCPA2020 National Conference. Participants tackled today’s most challenging issues in a series of powerful plenaries and workshops, and left with the skills, training, and networks they need to be successful in their community relations work all across the country.

During the period of social distancing make time to watch the substantive conference workshops and plenaries. Click here to read the full recap of JCPA’s powerful plenaries and workshops.

Programs and topics included:

  • Development of a strategic roadmapto leverage the power of the community relations field to combat antisemitism and hate.
  • Criminal justice reform track.
  • Israel sessions on politicization, understanding current events, and countering delegitimization on campus.
  • Workshops on JCPA’s public policy priorities, including immigration, gun violence prevention, civil rights, and religious liberty.
  • Adoption of six new policy resolutions by the Delegates Assembly.

Celebrating 75 Years of Community Relations & Advocacy

Watch our our anniversary video and read our story & timeline to learn more about how JCPA’s work has impacted our society!