2019 August Recess Toolkit

by tgilden

In August, most Members of Congress schedule in-district meetings in their home states while Congress is in recess. This is an important opportunity for the Jewish community relations network to advocate on priority issues that are currently before Congress.

JCPA’s 2019 August Recess Toolkit provides tips for scheduling a meeting, presenting an issue, and making an effective “ask,” as well as issue briefs with background information and talking points on the following issues that are currently before Congress for consideration.

Summary of Key Messages on Priority Issues

During your visit, we suggest prioritizing the following issues that are currently before Congress for consideration. We suggest using these as one-pagers to leave behind with your legislator and/or their staff.

Immigration Detention

  • End the detention of asylum seekers, families, and children—with or without their parents—and reallocate funding to community-based alternatives to detention (ATDs) like case management and legal orientation programs, which are more humane and cost-effective.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

  • Cosponsor the GRACE Act (S. 1088/H.R. 2146) and other similar legislation that would set an annual refugee admissions floor of 95,000—the historic average.
  • Pass the NO BAN Act (S. 1123/H.R. 2214), which would repeal the discriminatory Muslim travel bans.

Criminal Justice and Higher Education

  • Cosponsor and support the inclusion of the REAL Act (S. 1074/H.R. 2168) and the Beyond the Box for Higher Education Act (S. 1338/H.R. 2563) in the Higher Education Reauthorization Act.

Reproductive Rights

  • Support the Women’s Health Protection Act (S. 1645/H.R. 2975), which would enable health care providers to deliver abortion services without medically unnecessary limitations that are more burdensome than those imposed on medically comparable procedures.

Partnership Fund for Peace

  • Pass the bipartisan Partnership Fund for Peace Act (S. 1727/H.R. 3104), which would create people-to-people partnerships and joint opportunities for economic development among Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans.

Holocaust Education and Survivor Services

  • Cosponsor the Never Again Education Act (S. 2085/H.R. 943), which would which would establish grants for Holocaust education programs and teacher trainings.
  • Pass the TIME for Holocaust Survivors Act (S. 2179) to ensure that Holocaust survivors have access to the care and services that align with their needs.

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