Delegates Assembly

In April 2018. JCPA members voted to create a Delegates Assembly (DA) which will be the highest deliberative body on public policy matters for the community relations network.  Like the Plenum, its purpose is to oversee and set new public positions and priorities for the community relations field through a resolutions process.  It will not be responsible for the work needed to run and operationalize JCPA, which will be under the oversight of the Board of Directors.

The Delegates Assembly is charged with educating, advocating and mobilizing the community relations network on major issues of the day.  It will be a thought leader for the provides many new opportunities and engagement for JCRCs and National Member Agencies and responsible for identifying emerging issues and developing recommendations.

JCPA’s Policy Advisory Committee is the convener of the DA, and is responsible for the implementation of resolutions, and policy priorities.  Task forces may be created as needed to tackle emerging, time sensitive issues.

The JCPA Delegates Assembly will meet twice a year – at least one time in person for a main voting session, a second time either in person or virtually, and additional opportunities will be organized.

Click here for a PowerPoint explaining the JCPA Delegates assembly.

For more information contact Melanie Roth Gorelick