August 2017 Toolkit Talking Points

Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Federal Budget – As a reflection of our values, the FY 2018 budget must protect our most vulnerable by maintaining adequate funding for anti-poverty programs, including nutrition and housing assistance; humanitarian aid and foreign assistance; environmental protection; and refugee resettlement. Click here for printable talking points.

Immigration – Urge members of Congress to support a refugee resettlement cap of at least 75,000, which is already insufficient, especially given the severity of the refugee crises. Click here for printable talking points.

Health Care – Urge your senators and representatives to work on a bipartisan health care solution that lowers costs, maintains coverage standards, protects Medicaid, and expands access to affordable care. Click here for printable talking points.

Separation of Church and State – Urge your members of Congress to uphold the existing law prohibiting tax-exempt religious nonprofits from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. Click here for printable talking points.

Israel – Urge your members to oppose the delegitimization of Israel by cosponsoring the “Combating BDS Act” and the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act.” Click here for printable talking points.