Bridgette Simpson, Women on The Rise

Bridgette Simpson is a Formerly Incarcerated Survivor, Activist, Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Founder of, Community Organizer for Women On The Rise, Board Member forReverse The Cycle of Incarceration, Outreach Consultant for A Loving Act, Organizer for Women Run Campaign, Canvasser for Working Families Party, and Trail Blazer who partners with other Survivors, Activists, Social Justice Reform Organizations, Organizers, Public Figures, Formerly Incarcerated and Incarcerated people to empower, inspire change and promote hope. After spending a decade training in the professional corporate arena, Bridgette spent 10 years in the state of Georgia’s department of correction, receiving up close and personal training in the penal system. Bridgette now fuses both aspect of her training to educate the masses on the inequalities of the criminal justice system and the pressing need for social justice reform. She also teaches on perseverance, drive, change, and the willingness to overcome any obstacle. Because of Bridgette’s unique experiences, she has the ability to connect with the beating hearts of people who are or have been behind bars, their supporters and people who are uninformed about the malfunctions of the criminal justice system.

Bridgette has unofficially been organizing women for over 10 years, in her journey behind the wall. She has also collaborated in the development Hustlenomics- 5 Easy Principles for Success, which she applied on her own life upon her release. Since her release in March of 2018, Bridgette has demonstrated her Hustlenomics-5 Easy Principles for Success, and is now a proud home. Her efforts, thus far, has landed her coverage in print and broadcast outlets throughout Atlanta, including CBS42, FoxS, 1380 WAOK, ATL 26, 90.1 FM WABE,V-103 where she shared her experiences about her fight to lessen the prison population through services, resources, education, training and building community. Bridgette also spearheaded the first semi-annual Hygiene Dive for Women Incarcerated. She is presently working on publishing the seven books written while incarcerated and
writing her autobiography.

Bridgette holds a BA in Finance and Africana Studies from Rutgers University School of Management Honors College Newark, New Jersey, and a Graphic Designs and Media Specialist certificate. Bridgette completed formal training in running campaigns, and canvassing with WFP. Bridgette is also a trained life coach and mentor. She works with Women on the Rise, Racial Justice Action Center, Solutions Not Punishment, Women Run Campaigns, Working Families Party, National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, and A Loving Act.