Cassandra Carmichael

Prior to joining NRPE in September 2013, Cassandra Carmichael was the Washington Office and Eco-Justice Program director for the National Council of Churches USA. In her role at the NCC, she oversaw the Council’s advocacy and eco-justice work and worked to set and implement strategic priorities in partnership with various stakeholders. Previously, she was director of faith-based outreach at the Center for a New American Dream, where she worked to encourage communities of faith to take action to protect God’s Creation. She received her graduate degree in environmental education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Ms. Carmichael has delivered numerous regional and national conference plenary presentations and written various articles and essays on faith and environment. Her articles have appeared in publications such as Race, Poverty and the Environment; Holy Ground; and Heartstone. Ms. Carmichael is a senior fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program and a previous board member on the Chesapeake Bay Alliance, and she has also served on the White House Faith-Based and Neighborhood Advisory Council Task Force on Climate and Environment and the Advisory Council of the Green Bible.