Eight Challenges for Community Relations in the Wake of the Election

by Administrator

By David Bernstein

Like many (ok, all) of you, I’m struggling to make sense of the election. How should the community relations network respond over time?

Here are eight challenges (and opportunities?) that emerge from the 2016 contest:

  1. Possible changes to the status of many social policy issues, such as health care, immigration, reproductive rights, and the environment
  2. Fear, justified or not, that the Administration will undermine democratic norms (appointing special prosecutors, etc.)
  3. The emergence of an emboldened and legitimated alt-right (and white nationalists)
  4. A sense of vulnerability among minority communities, Jews included
  5. Questions about America’s role in the world and the status of our alliances
  6. The expansion of populist, anti-globalization and nativist sentiments in other countries, especially Europe
  7. The Administration’s stance on Iran (and the debate around it)
  8. Further deterioration of and strain on the social fabric

I’d love to get your thoughts on how we should respond to these challenges!


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