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Button for Election Guide - Get Out the Vote InitiativessmGet Out the Vote (GOTV)


JCPA supports JCRC efforts to encourage the Jewish community to vote. As in most election years, there has been talk about the effect of the “Jewish vote.” While Jews comprise less than 3% of the population, the Jewish community’s outsized influence in the political realm stems primarily from our high voter participation rates and concentration in states carrying a large number of electoral votes.

The Jewish community has a stake in many issues, including education, health care, the environment, Israel, the conflict in the Middle East, civil rights, and religious freedom, that form the core of the debate in this election year. By exercising the right to vote, we can have a say in charting the future course for our great nation.

Though more people are registered to vote, unfortunately, voter turnout has steadily dropped in recent elections. Almost 50% of eligible voters do not vote in presidential elections and even fewer do so in less prominent state and local elections. Legislators and political parties know that the Jewish community votes. To ensure that our voice continues to matter, it is important that we vote in all federal, state, and local races.

JCPA recommends that JCRCs participate in the following activities:

  • Place “Get Out the Vote” ads in local Jewish papers and work with local Federations to email “Get Out the Vote” reminders to your Jewish Community. Click here for sample reminders.
  • Post user-friendly information on how to register on your website. Registering to vote is now easier than ever before. With the advent of the National Mail-In Voter Registration form the registration process has been simplified. It is now possible to register over the internet at a number of different websites including here, here, and here.
  • Assist seniors and those with disabilities in exploring their voting options. Click here for more information.
  • Collaborate with the local Hillel to encourage students to vote.
  • Form a coalition with other community groups to help other minority groups get out the vote and on integrity programs. Click here for more information.

To help Get Out the Vote, JCPA co-sponsored a Get Out the Vote Guide 2016 with the Religious Action Center. Click here to download the Guide which has great checklists and recommendations.