IAN Consultation in North Carolina

by Administrator

IAN’s latest community mobilization took place last week when Associate Managing Director Julie Bernstein traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina. As part of the consultation, Julie led a community wide event, Federation/CRC staff training and met with lay leaders to present strategies and messages that will aid their work in combating assaults made on Israel’s legitimacy. Additionally, she was hosted by the Jewish Council of Lake Norman, which is comprised of five Jewish member organizations from that community, to learn more about the growing Jewish community North of Charlotte.

According to Rachael Levine, Director of Community Relations and Israel Affairs for the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte, this IAN mobilization assisted her community in building upon their existing advocacy work while exploring new initiatives. “We learned a lot about the diversity of conversation that can and does occur within the Jewish community as well as strategies and tools we can use to engage and enhance conversations with the non-Jewish community.” Rachael said. “I’m looking forward to working with IAN in the coming year to strengthen community relations and Israel advocacy skills.”

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