Energy and the Environment

Wind Turbines at Sunset

Safeguarding the Environment

The Jewish community has a legacy of protecting our planet and our natural resources. Environmental policy, established by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs since 1993, reflects our Jewish community’s commitment to ensure that our children and our children’s children inherit a world that is safe and habitable, just as they inherit their Jewish tradition and Torah from one generation to the next, l’dor l’dor.

Environmental and Climate Justice

The Jewish community advocates for policies that support low income communities and communities of color. Environmental justice supports equal access to clean air, clean water for all. Climate justice is support those communities to live free from the disproportionate burden of climate change both in the U.S. and internationally. Environmental justice and climate justice sit at the intersection of our Jewish obligation to protect the earth and to “champion the poor and the needy.”

Energy Security

JCPA has long supported comprehensive clean energy policy and independence from foreign oil. The United States needs a comprehensive energy policy both to fight global warming and to strengthen national security. The policies for achieving these two goals overlap, but the relationship between them is complex. As the renewable energy industry grows technologically and economically, wind, solar, and other alternative and clean energy are becoming even more viable options.

Child Nutrition

8542517191_296c763f7d_o Improve School Lunches, WIC, and Other Critical Child Nutrition Programs

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