Global Anti-Semitism


The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) is greatly concerned by persistent anti-Semitism around the world Last year’s terrorist attacks on a kosher grocery store in Paris and a synagogue in Copenhagen are part of a disturbing global trend in the rise in anti-Semitic actions. Reports from the U.S. State Department, Israeli Government, and a number of national Jewish organizations document the growing anti-Semitism experienced by Jewish communities. In January 2015, the United Nations General Assembly held its first-ever informal meeting on the growth of worldwide anti-Semitism after a request from 37 nations. The U.S. must acknowledge, confront, and combat anti-Semitism all across the globe. JCPA supports efforts to monitor this phenomenon and develop appropriate strategies for engagement with the affected communities, foreign gov­ernments, and civil society leaders and organizations.


Bipartisan Task Force on Anti-Semitism

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