JCPA at the White House

by jgilad

Last week, JCPA’s Director of Legal Affairs and Policy Development Hanna Dershowitz made a presentation at the White House before President Obama’s Advisory Council on Neighborhood and Faith-Based Partnerships and Administration staff. The Council is making recommendations to the President on a broad range of race, justice, poverty, and related issues. Dershowitz has been advising the Council since she was invited by immediate past President and present Advisory Council Member Rabbi Steve Gutow, who was appointed to the Council last year. Gutow also served as President and CEO of the JCPA for ten years.

Dershowitz brought to bear her knowledge of clemency and her considerable experience drafting criminal justice reforms to help guide the Council on its recommendations on clemency and criminal justice. She was asked to present several recommendations she had worked on extensively to the Council and White House staff at the meeting. All were adopted, and the final Council report will be issued in the next few months. Look in JCPActs for a discussion of the substance of these proposed reforms at that time. 

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