JCPA Grants for Hunger Advocacy

by Administrator

The JCPA is delighted to offer significant support for JCRC engagement in anti-hunger activism and advocacy related to the reauthorization of the Farm Bill.

The JCPA will be awarding Micro-Matching Grants to selected JCRCs to support their engagement in anti-hunger education, programming, and advocacy as part of the Confronting Poverty campaign.  Recipient communities will use this grant funding to:

  • Develop additional capacity for anti-hunger programming and community engagement,
  • Pilot a hunger-related program, and/or
  • Develop a stronger connection to constituents, position itself as a locus of effective advocacy, and inspire engagement in anti-hunger activism.  

We are also pleased to continue the valued partnership with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, to cosponsor the 2012 MAZON/JCPA Hunger Seder mobilization.  The MAZON/JCPA Hunger Seder Hagaddah is being updated now and will be available soon, along with other useful resources and materials.  The JCPA has funding available to provide small grants to JCRCs to host a Hunger Seder.  We strongly encourage JCRCs to plan a Hunger Seder as meaningful way to programmatically engage your community and lend a strong Jewish community voice to the advocacy efforts for a just Farm Bill.  If you are considering hosting a Hunger Seder event in your community and if you would be interested to learn more about grant support, please contact JCPA Washington Director Josh Protas at:

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