JCPA in 2021: We Were Made for Times Like These

by Haya Luftig

2021 was an important year for JCPA, and our work combating injustice and hate was as impactful today as when we were first created.

We were made for times like these.

Here’s some of what we did:

  • Advocated for our democracy
    In the wake of a devastating insurrection and dwindling public faith in democratic institutions, JCPA joined forces with other civil rights groups to call on Congress to pass sweeping democracy reforms to modernize elections, reform campaign finance laws, and reduce corruption.
  • Fought for voting rights
    JCPA worked in diverse coalitions and ensured the Jewish voice was heard in halls of power in support of landmark voting rights legislation that would restore and protect the freedom to vote across the nation.
  • Advanced racial justice and equity
    JCPA adopted a racial justice policy platform and stood with Black communities to end the racial disparities and systemic racism that persist in our country.
  • Mobilized against hate crimes
    JCPA pushed lawmakers to adopt critical legislation that will improve hate crime reporting and response in local communities.
  • Engaged on criminal justice and police reform
    JCPA’s National Jewish Network on Criminal Justice Reform launched a Jewish Values Framework entitled, “Jewish Call to Action: Ending Mass Incarceration and Criminalization,” which was signed by 100 Jewish notables.
  • Secured U.S. support for Israel
    JCPA stood up for Israel and worked to increase Congressional support for replenishing Israel’s missile defenses.
  • Combated global antisemitism
    JCPA successfully advocated with the White House to appoint a Jewish liaison and nominate the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, ensuring that combating antisemitism remains a U.S. priority.

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