JCPA Statement on Israeli Elections

by Administrator

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) extends its congratulations to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party for their victory yesterday in the Israeli elections and commends all of the parties for their commitment to a fair and free democratic process.  The election had a surprisingly large turnout and was a reflection of a vibrantly democratic state. 
 “With the election over, we hope that all the parties will work together to ensure a strong and prosperous State of Israel with peace as well as social and economic justice at the forefront. We believe that progress can be made in creating two states for two peoples, and that the next government can make sure that all Israelis, Arab and Jew alike, feel a sense of security and belonging in the nation we care so deeply about,” said Rabbi Steve Gutow, president of the JCPA. 
“This election, with a voter turnout of over 70%, is a testament to Israeli democracy.” said Susan W. Turnbull Chair of the JCPA. “Israelis of different faiths, backgrounds, and ethnic origins came together in a expression of democratic values. We look forward to working with the new government of Israel in furthering the dreams of peace and prosperity so essential to a strong and vital nation.” 

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