JCPA’s Advocacy on Equity and Civil Rights Since George Floyd’s Murder

JCPA’s Advocacy on Equity and Civil Rights and Response to the Killing of George Floyd

In the aftermath of the grievous killing of George Floyd, JCPA and the JCRC network are standing with the Black and other diverse communities to advocate for equity and ending systemic racism in America. Today, we are at an important historical moment that calls upon the Jewish community to join us in these efforts. Below are actions JCPA has taken so far and those we are currently developing.

Highlights of JCPA Action:

Public Education and Response

  • JCPA condemned the killing of George Floyd and called for non-violence protests on social media. JCPA issued a statement expressing solidarity to the Black community pledging support to end systemic racism in our law enforcement system signed by more than 130 Jewish organizations. Click here to view.
  • JCPA placed an op-ed in the Forward “My Fellow Jews: Get in the Fight”, written by Melanie Roth Gorelick, JCPA Senior Vice President. Click here to view.
  • JCPA shared a compilation of JCRC statements- Click here to view. Click here to view an op-ed written by the JCRC Association officers.
  • Black Lives Matter, American Jews, and Antisemitism: Distinguishing Between the Organization(s), the Movement, and the Ubiquitous Phrase. Click here to read the fact sheet.
  • Eric Ward’s Presentation to JCPA on How the Jewish Community Can Navigate the Current Political and Social Moment. Click here to read transcript.


Understanding Policing and Public Safety: Where Do We Go from Here?

Black Lives Matter: A Conversation on Being Black and Jewish in this Moment

Unpacking the Discourse on Policing and Public Safety

Ending Racism in America, A Discussion with Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP

National Advocacy for Police Reform and Civil Rights

  • JCPA is actively participating in a Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights policing coalition. The Coalition has put together eight priority measures for police reform. JCPA signed onto a national letter with 440 other organizations. Click here to view.
  • In preparation for June 10 Congressional hearings on police reform in America, JCPA sent out an action alert to our full mailing list urging support for the eight priority measures. Almost 800 people (792) filled out our action alert in just over 24 hours, which is the most we’ve seen on any action alert in such a short time-frame since our 2018 petition on cuts to medicare. Supporters have so far sent over 2,300 messages to Congress. Click
    here to view.
  • JCPA wrote and submitted official testimony to the Judiciary committee on policing in America. Click here to view.
  • As a leader in the WISC interfaith coalition, JCPA signed on to a faith letter sent to Congress supporting police reform and racial equality. Click here to view.
  • JCPA held a webinar series on policing and law enforcement to educate the Jewish community and general Public on reform efforts. Click here to view.

Convening the National Network

• JCPA’s Policy Advisory Committee met on June 15 to discuss next steps on policy and advocacy and will be developing new policy and advocacy strategy in the days to come.
• JCPA is convening representatives of national Jewish organizations working in Washington to discuss the current state of affairs and the role of the Jewish community.

Mobilizing the JCRC Network

  • JCPA provided an interactive opportunity for JCRC professionals to discuss strategies for responding to current events.
  • JCPA prepared and distributed Guidelines for JCRC Work on Civil rights.
  • JCPA wrote and distributed a survey on JCRCs engagement on Black-Jewish relations, equity and civil rights issues, and criminal justice reform to get baseline information on where the field is today, best practices, challenges, and how we can be helpful.
  • JCPA has launched a JCRC cohort made up of 25 JCRCs addressing criminal justice and other civil rights concerns.
  • JCPA has compiled resources on racial justice and racism for JCRCs across the country.

Police Reform

As a response to the greivious killing of George Floyd, JCPA pledged to end systemic racism in policing and law enforcement,  To support the community relations network on education and response on this topic, here are some resources: