Roy Waterman, Criminal Justice Project Manager

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Roy Waterman is the Project Manager for JCPA’s Criminal Justice Initiative, which is focused on educating and empowering the Jewish community relations field to advocate on criminal justice reform at the national and local level, fostering relationships and building alliances between Jews and communities of color, policy work to improve law enforcement practices, and developing pilot projects in the field to support communities in crises. He will assist in mobilizing these communities against the modern day Civil Rights violation we call Mass Incarceration.

Before joining JCPA, Roy Waterman Co-Founded Drive Change, a vibrant social enterprise non-profit, that uses the mobile vending industry to train, empower, employ and teach transferable skills to formerly incarcerated young people ages 18-25 years old who have been released from adult jails and prisons in the New York City area. One of its initiatives, The Snow Day Food Truck, won the 2015 NYC Best Food Truck and People’s Choice Award.

Roy has spoken at numerous public schools, community colleges and Ivy League universities and has been featured on several national media outlets. He was also named the New Yorker of the week by NY1. Roy specializes in changing mindsets, re-scripting the narrative around the realities of formally incarcerated people and concretely assisting and supporting those who have been intercepted by the criminal justice system. As an advocate for equal justice for all, Roy challenges the moral fabric of Incarceration and other Human Rights Violations.

He lives by the saying “we can only keep what we have by giving it away.”

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