The Chinese American Community Today

by Haya Luftig

Tune in to JCPA’s CRCast series, in which we tackle the issues of the day. In each webcast, JCPA’s David Bernstein interviews a special guest expert or practitioner about the most pressing topics that are affecting the Jewish community and the Community Relations field. From the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide to the new Administration to the challenges facing Israel , we will provide insight into not just complex issues, but practical solutions.

JUNE 6 at 1:00 P.M. EDT

The Chinese American community has grown in both numbers and influence in the past decade. It has a history of engaging American Jews. What are its priorities? What opportunities are there for engagement both locally and nationally?

Fred Teng is the President of America China Public Affairs Institute. He also is the Senior U.S. Representative of the China United States Exchange Foundation and Council Member of the China Foundation for Peace and Development.



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