The JCPA Strongly Condemns Attack Ad 

by Administrator

March 1, 2015, New York – The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) condemns and is appalled by the attack ad placed by This World: The Values Network in the New York Times against Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor. This attack was inaccurate, reprehensible in its depiction, morally offensive to the victims of genocide, and a personal attack against one of Israel’s strongest advocates. 

“Susan Rice is a courageous ally who has advocated vigilantly for the strength and security of the State of Israel. Isaiah teaches us that we should be a “light onto the nations” this is not the light that the prophet is advocating. This unconscionable ad is corrosive to the security of Israel and to the level of our political debate.  It demonstrates a tragic new low in the gutter politics that plagues our nation,” said Rabbi Steve Gutow, President of the JCPA. 
“I have known and worked with Susan Rice for 15 years and I am appalled by this attack. Throughout her career she has shown that her core commitments and values are to ‘do good and do it well.’ To attack one of our allies in this reprehensible manner is indeed both destructive and unbecoming of our community,” said Susan Turnbull, chair of the JCPA. 

Finally, not only was this attack offensive, but it has further distracted our community from focusing on more critical issues such as the US-Iran negotiations.  We believe that dispatching a well regarded high level official like Susan Rice to the AIPAC conference was a positive step towards discussing these issues in a civil manner that is both befitting to our community and the matter at hand. The true enemy here is the threat of a nuclear armed Iran; we suggest we focus all of our attention on that issue, rather than disgraceful ads that only divide us when the issues of the day demand our reflective and thoughtful deliberations. 

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