Children and Families

In many parts of the country—especially in urban centers and rural areas—too many of the nation’s youth, particularly minority and low-income youth and students with disabilities, are not receiving the education they deserve.  With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act replacing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the JCPA looks forward to seeing reforms implemented that increase opportunity for all students to learn and be college-and career-ready upon graduation, and greater access to early childhood education programs like Pre-K and hope to see the reduction of concentrated poverty and racial isolation in school communities, along with the creation of safe and healthy schools that reduce the incidence of bullying and harassment.  The JCPA is committed to strengthening and sustaining public schools, recognizing that this is the primary route for most children, especially low-income children, to achieve an education that can lead to a future full of opportunity.  We support reforms that make improvements in early childhood education and will concentrate on programs for schools in high-risk, high-poverty districts. In addition, we will reinforce our commitment to promoting literacy through advocacy on relevant legislation.  

Child Nutrition

8542517191_296c763f7d_o Improve School Lunches, WIC, and Other Critical Child Nutrition Programs

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